About Us

AEROZ-PRODUCTS is a business developed by Aerotrans Australia Pty Ltd, that specialises in products and equipment that offer aerodynamic and logistical solutions for commercial vehicles of all size; from one tonne Utes/Cab-chassis’ to the largest trucks available.

AEROZ-PRODUCTS combines high quality in-house manufactured products such as Fuelscoop® and NoseCone®, with quality innovative products and equipment from first world suppliers.

Early 2013, Aerotrans Australia purchased all assets relevant to NoseCone Aerodynamics, moving all production to Melbourne.

Not only is NoseCone a natural fit into Aeroz-Products, but the product quality and operational values of NoseCone Australia were consistent with those employed by Aerotrans Australia since the MBO achieved by its current owners in May 1989.

NoseCone® for over 30 years had been owned and operated by the Ryman family and continues to be 100% Australian owned.

Since the '80s the NoseCone® has been part of the Australian Transport industry manufacturing, distributing and installing the NoseCone® wind deflector. It is the highest volume fuel saving device on the Australian market offering an average return on investment of between 3 and 9 months. Over this time the name has become synonymous with aerodynamics on trucks and trailers since the first units were fitted to Wards Overnighters (a division of Mayne Nickless) and Discount Freight Express (now Startrack Express) in 1981.

The NoseCone brand stands for more than a wind deflector. It represents a long history of manufacturing workmanship, expertise, experience and quality, a quality that is consistent with that offered by it’s new owners, Aerotrans Australia and still available for FRP contracts via Ryman Composites.

Over the years the NoseCone® product has gained a reputation in the market of a quality product that meets performance guarantees and the quality requirements of its customers. Aerotrans Australia through its brandline AEROZ-PRODUCTS now links the name and quality of NoseCone® with the equally well regarded Fuelscoop®.

To further enhance the potential of the growing range of Aeroz-Products, interstate expansion from its Melbourne base is underway.

In addition to its head office in Rowville, Victoria, the first specific Aeroz-Products outlet is being established in Keysborough, Victoria. Interstate developments are also in progress; Guildford NSW provides a initial base for Aeroz-Products NSW. Currently contact details are being finalised for Aeroz-Products S.A. and Aeroz-Products W.A., while partners are being sought for Aeroz-Products S.E.Qld, Aeroz-Products FNQ, and Aeroz-Products N.Z.