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» Read about NoseCone Benefits in more detail

Since 1982, the family company that brought the original NoseCone to Australia has been manufacturing and supplying the genuine article to truck owners and fleets. Today, there are over 40,000 genuine NoseCones on Australian roads and over 1,000,000 worldwide, saving millions of litres of fuel, assisting airflow, reducing drag, improving stability and reducing carbon emissions.

We’re the original and simply the best, remaining at the top of our game by constantly refining our product, updating designs and technology and investing time and resources in research and development.

Since the introduction of NoseCone to Australia 30 years ago we have consistently put our reputation on the line with our written Guarantee of 10% Fuel saving. The 10% fuel saving is only the start. Easier towing, better stability, reduced spray and less stress on driver and engine are additional benefits.

Used by all major fleet operators, loved by removalists, stock crate owners, trailer manufacturers and owner operators. This simple, maintenance free device is the best investment you can make for your truck, trailer, caravan or box trailer. » Read some of our testimonials.