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Fitting Options

Additional fitting options and customisations are available for your NoseCone.

Fitting Charges 

We can quote to fit your NoseCone in most major centres around Australia – This can be performed at an authorised NoseCone dealer, an Aeroz-Products agent, and in some cases ‘on-site’ fitting can be offered. Our quoted price only applies when fitted by NoseCone. Agent / dealer fitting prices and actual costs are governed by the hourly rates for labour charged by them and these charges will vary accordingly.

Rigid Truck fitting may involve modification to Exhaust or Intake and the additional time and parts involved will be quoted or subject an hourly rate plus parts (e.g. bends or clamps and / or welding). These are best done at one of our authorised fitters, or after appropriate modifications have been carried out by your workshop.

Mobile 'On Site' Fitting 

On-site mobile fitting of NoseCone is offered in many areas. Fitting is possible at almost any location provided permission and clear access to unit is available, we may also require access to power and compressed air. Contact us to confirm if on-site fitting is available in your area. 

Costs vary around Australia, so please contact Aeroz-Products and we will be able to confirm the “On-Site’ fitting charge for your area, should this service be available.

Curtain Sided Vehicles 

Fitting a standard NoseCone to a curtain sided vehicle, both trailers and rigids, may involve extra time and parts where infill between curtain posts is required or where Side-Burns are fitted and need to be spaced off front wall. For ease of fitting the NC -.4 models are especially designed for curtain sider bodies. Refer to special fitting instructions for curtain siders. If you provide all requested information on our quote request form we can quote and ship all the additional components required.

Special Colours 

All NoseCones held in stock and are produced in gloss white U.V. resistant polyester gelcoat finish. This is similar to that used on boats and FRP truck bodies and with care the finish should last the life of the NoseCone. 

The surface is easily prepared for painting. 

Special run colour matched or fleet colour gelcoat can be made to customer requirements and parts shipped ex-factory. A colour match service is available by providing paint chip and colour-part number. For single units and dark colours we strongly recommend post paint with primer and an automotive paint. Pricing of this service is based on quantity & colour. Please contact us for a quote. 


A NoseCone that may be subject to accidental knocks, e.g. tree branches. Your selected NoseCone can be custom manufactured with additional fibreglass woven roving and/or coremat reinforcing. The cost of reinforcement for a Removalist NoseCone (both top corners) is $150 +GST. It will resist small branches better than standard part but should not be considered a 'bullet proof tree breaker'.


All sales are ex-factory. When ordering we will quote our regular carrier or best known service to your destination. Customers may make their own freight arrangements and arrange pickup. If your NoseCone is to be picked up from Aeroz-Products we will provide basic or no packaging. However, if a carrier is to be used we will quote freight including the cost of a pallet ($50 plus GST). If the NoseCone is to be despatched using a clients freight company the pallet will be added to the cost of goods.

Interstate or intrastate deliveries will be by the safest economical means unless there is a customer nominated carrier. We do not offer overnight freight unless specified. 

Our standard shipping times are: 

  • Metro Sydney: same or next day, 
  • Brisbane & Melbourne: 2 - 3 Days, 
  • Adelaide: 4 - 5 days, 
  • Perth 5 - 7 days,
  • Intrastate shipments add 2 days, or
  • Country NSW depends on carrier 1 - 3 days.

Some interstate carriers do not do local Metro Pick-up. In this case we will deliver to the carriers depot at nominal charge. Inner metropolitan delivery by courier is generally at a rate of $65.00 per drop (plus pallet). This also applies to deliveries to transport terminals. 


All prices quoted include GST unless otherwise stated. 


NoseCones are guaranteed against faults in materials and manufacture for twelve months from delivery. The fitting is also guaranteed for the same period when performed by an authorised agent. This guarantee does not cover accidental damage. 

For additional warranty please refer to our Buyers Advantage program.