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Trailer and Body Skirts

Following the acquisition of NoseCone, Aeroz-Products adds to its aerodynamic product systems a unique range of Trailer Skirt Packages offering an estimated 4-6% fuel saving, better handling, reduced spray and increased visibility with additional benefits in side under-run protection for cyclists and pedestrians. 

The modular plastic skirt system incorporates multiple panels, flexible leg supports and clamping to TFB floor bearers for quick installation. 

  • The LCL trailer fairing is made of light weight impact resistant injection moulded plastic - proven in automotive applications
  • Thermoplastic material is resilient to freezing and hot temperatures (range from -60 F to +190 F)
  • Dent resistant and consistent color throughout - panels can be painted or have decals attached
  • Modular design to accommodate desired coverage of 6 to 9 panels - more coverage = more fuel savings
  • Optional 5 inch flexible, durable rubber edge to increase fuel savings
  • Fits all trailers, new or old, with all stainless steel fasteners
  • Designed to allow for quick and easy replacement of components
  • All components are recyclable and at the end of the product's life the complete unit can be recycled for a substantial recovery of costs
  • Maintenance free, include in trailer's periodic inspection routine
  • Aerodynamically designed for proven fuel savings
  • Improves stability and handling in cross winds and reduces road spray
  • US EPA Smartway approved
  • Recognised under California’s CARB scheme to offer fuel savings.
  • Side impact resistance - check compliance with local guidelines
  • Trademarked and patent pending

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