Whats New at NoseCone

NoseCone Australia

This emblem above is the new image for the most respected, tried and tested body mounted aerodynamic device available.

The Australian transport industry for many years has known it as NoseCone old logo ; more recently it was changed to NoseCone recent ;

Following the purchase of NoseCone Aerodynamics by Aerotrans Australia, NoseCone has been incorporated into the growing range of truck and van products known as Aeroz Products.

As a part of this change it has been decided to revert to the style of the old NoseCone image with a link to its new home... 

uses the famous clear bold font which has for decades defined the pedigree of NoseCone, and now added to this is a performance defining styled “C” in Aeroz-Products red.


offers the largest range of body mounted aerodynamic devices; with sizes and types available for most applications.


are manufactured to O.E.M. standards by a company that is original equipment to the biggest names in the transport industry.


 is continually proven as an effective fuel saving device, and over 40,000 happy customers confirm this fact!

 is supplied as standard equipment (or a standard option) by all reputable truck body builders. If the body builder you use doesn’t fit an original NoseCone with the new NoseCone emblem, they are supplying you an inferior product.

on the front on the truck body you supply also tells your customer that you only supply products that have been proven for over 40 years.

Don’t take the chance; Ensure your customer gets the best value for his money, and eliminate your after sales hassles. If your client specifies a truck mounted aerodynamic device, “Play it Safe” tell your body-builder they must supply an original NoseCone.